Trapshooting Clinic

Take It to the Top!

This 200-minute video picks up where Phil Kiner's first video left off—with improved navigation and functionality. The comprehensive course within covers basic shooting techniques, gun set-up, and Phil’s insights into what all shooters really want—how to break more targets and how to shoot higher scores. Actual shooting footage is presented. Using slow-motion you can actually see the shot string. This allows you to see where and why the targets were hit or missed. 

Phil boasts an impressive trapshooting résumé. Spanning 47 years, he has won 77 Wyoming State Championships, the 1998 Grand HOA, 100+ Grand trophies, and more than 100 Satellite Grand trophies. Phil is the first and only shooter to break 400 x 400 on
Championship All-Around targets—twice. He broke 41 100 straights from the 27-yard line—which is  third on the ATA All-Time list. He also holds the world record high overall score of 995 x 1000. Phil is the only shooter who has broken 100 straights from the 27-yard line shooting two-eyed and one-eyed. Hallmarks of Phil’s trapshooting career are his inclusion in the Wyoming Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 1990, the ATA Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2006, and the Wyoming Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. 

Phil’s experience as a clinician and trapshooter is unrivaled. Take your game to the top with Phil Kiner’s Trapshooting Clinics & DVDs!

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Released 2007
Genre Trapshooting
Runtime 03:20:00