Fine Tune Your Game and Break More Targets


Following the success of his previous videos, 33-time ATA All American Phil Kiner brings his exceptional trapshooting know-how right into your living room. In this 80-minute DVD, Phil shares his insights from decades of studying and analyzing all aspects of the game. His non-traditional approach focuses on one of the most necessary skills you need to become a top shot—and how you can recognize and correct the most common mistakes that cause that dreaded word: LOST.

Phil has been teaching professionally for 31 years and has taught in 42 states and two Canadian provinces. He has viewed more than 500,000 shots on replay and in slow motion. Combining his years of experience with his direct-approach style of teaching, this video will help you improve your game.

Phil’s experience as a clinician and trapshooter is unrivaled. Take your game to the top with Phil Kiner’s Trapshooting Clinics & DVDs!

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More Info

Released 2020
Genre Trapshooting
Runtime 01:20:00
Date Limits Starts 6/24/2020