Trapshooting Clinic

This comprehensive video course covers basic shooting techniques, gun set-up, and Phil’s insights into the mental aspects of the game.  Actual shooting footage is presented. Using slow-motion you can actually see the shot string. This allows you to see where and why the targets were hit or missed.

Phil Kiner brings over 34 years of experience to the classroom. And you know he knows what he's doing because he has numerous shooting accomplishments, including:

4 Wyoming State Championships
3 Grand American trophies
More than 80 Satellite Grand trophies
Broken 35 100 straights from the 27-yard line
Is the first shooter in ATA history to break 400 x 400 on Championship All-Around targets and the only shooter in the world to do it twice.

Stream up to 1080p from this website. Access lasts for an unlimited duration.
Gain access to 4 files to download & play in your player of choice.