Ocular Boot Camp

Vision Training for Sports Excellence

Now in its 15th year, Ocular Boot Camp® is Phil Kiner’s most up-to-date program for developing the precision vision you need for sports excellence. What can a world-class trapshooter teach you about hitting a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, sinking a putt, catching a football, or breaking clay pigeons? Everything!

Ocular Boot Camp trains your eyes to do a better job of “teaming and tracking”—that is, working together to locate and lock onto a ball or target. After a few weeks of twice-a-day practice, you will see amazing results. With the “precision vision” exercises in Ocular Boot Camp, you’ll improve your accuracy, batting average, field goal percentage, or shooting average.

Athletes of any age or skill level and playing practically any sport that requires hand-eye coordination can benefit from the exercises in this DVD. 

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Released 2020
Genre Sports
Runtime 00:15:00